The Dynamic New Backbone for Our Metal Processing Business
Mr. Shinao Naoyuki, President and CEO of Shiina Factory Co., Ltd., has chosen to incorporate our GCC LaserPro FMC 280 fiber-cutting machine into their operations. He graciously shared with us the motivations behind this decision, its various applications,
Shiina Factory Co., Ltd
Laser Cutting & Engraving Showcases a Variety of Aspects
The first time we noticed Ruby Rapscallion was when we saw their beautiful cake toppers in their social network photos; the exquisite and delicate textures were very appealing. We are delighted to have the opportunity to learn more about Ruby Rapscallion'
Ruby Rapscallion
South Africa
Puzzles Love Elevates Wood Engraving Productivity with GCC LaserPro
Puzzles Love primarily utilizes these machines for thin wood cutting and engraving, and engages in in-house product manufacturing, sample making, and outsourced laser processing projects.
Puzzles Love Workshop
Fast-track Lead Times with In-house Laser Cutting & Glass Prototyping!
Our company specializes in selling materials such as plastic and metal, covering a wide range of products from components to secondary materials, particularly related to the production of eyeglasses.
UNIX Co., Ltd
Add Applique Works that No One Else Can!
He heard about laser engraving machines, saw its ability to cut fabric without fraying, and immediately decided to bring one into his company for their embroidery work due to its perfect fit and small size.
Upward Co., Ltd
The C180II Laser Engraver Shines in The Cultural and Creative Industry
Our partner COMNET interviewed BELLWOOD CREATES that curated "Sengoku Dama(soul)", a business model with a fusion of Japanese history and necessities, and succeeded in instantly attracting many people with this innovative model.
Become an Expert in PPF Business with GCC Vinyl Cutter
Cutting PPF through GCC RX II and Jaguar V lead to a better fit, better overall protection, and can make the installation process much faster than manual cutting.
X Auto Technology / Authentic Details
Taiwan / USA
SAG Adopts GCC Print Solution for Efficient Production
JF-240UV can print directly on all types of materials. The specially designed SmartMESH™ function offers full color saturation as well as makes customers greatly satisfied with the anti-water and sun-proof effect of UV ink on creative products.
Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd.
Seng-Digital Adopts GCC Print & Cut Solution for Efficient Production
Following the rise of digital technology 10 years ago, the person in charge of Digital Hang Seng, Mr. Yao Wing-Lei (Chiu Jung-Li) started to invest heavily in large UV inkjet printers and digital printing systems to enter the digitalization race.
Seng-Digital Ltd.
The Best Helper for Car Paint Protection Film
Paint protection film (PPF) is mostly used in high-end European cars. A high-value car like these can cost up to 2 million or even more, and the owners are willing to spend extra to protect the car paint.
Jaguar V Prevails in the TPU Film Application
Chinese cutting plotters lead the global market with competitive prices, while GCC's sales in China grew 125% YoY. Learn more in an interview with GCC's distributor, Ernie Lin of "FX Automation.
FX Automation
Combining Laser Engraving and Lacquerware
We learned about a special case from our Japanese partner COMNET: applying the laser technique to traditional Japanese lacquerware.
Nuri kobo Fujii