Photo Engraving with Dithering Pattern
The effect of engraving dithering patterns by engraving several patterns on acrylic sheets to reveal image effects of different pattern types.
Wall Paper Printing and Cutting
Superior cutting performance, wallpapers can even be transformed into wall stickers by using contour cutting function, bringing rich colors to our everyday life, making our environment visually pleasing.
Magnet Printing and Cutting
Magnets, widely used in ads and the marketing business, are perfect for regular product updates and requests to effectively promote and market products.
Packaging cutting
GCC LaserPro Laser Engravers perform efficient cutting and create folding lines with its exclusive bridge cutting function that comes with the driver, you can swiftly create any inner packages to accommodate any need of your customers.
Window Graphics application – One Way Vision Film
The most common applications of one way vision film on the market are vehicle windows such as bus windows and building windows such as department store window displays for marketing and masking purposes.
Twill Cutting with X-Series
GCC LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate the applications of multi-layer appliqué of Twill. You can first laminate the layers of Twill together, and use the professional GCC LaserPro X-Series for cutting.
Billboards, pop-up stands
The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month shows you that with GCC certified ink cartridges and materials, users are able to print directly on PVC foam boards using printer.
GCC LaserPro - Customized Food Decoration with Laser Engraving
In the past, GCC LaserPro Application Laboratory has shown you a series of food processing applications. Examples like cookie engraving and the fruit serial number marking etc., these techniques have been successively and widely applied .......
Drink bottle and wine bottle labels
GCC Inkjet Application Lab has specially prepared an Print and Cut applications of Labels for drinks or wine bottles.
Billboards, pop-up stands
Currently UV curable inkjet printers are the only choice in the market that requires no further processes after PVC foam board painting is complete.
Embossing Seal with Laser Engraving
GCC LaserPro laser engravers ensure precise and stable power output, producing neat imprint surfaces that allow compact sealing, making every stamp a perfect one!
Removable Advertising Signboards
Through GCC JC-240E, you can perform regular and customized product updates on different materials (iron-coated printable sheets).