Laser Sample Showcase - Powder Coating Coloring by Laser Engraving
It’s the perfect time to unleash your creativity for the coming Halloween! The GCC LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate customized laser engraving and coloring applications for Halloween-themed products.
PPF Film and Windows Tint Application
PPF (Paint Protection Film) is an automotive protective film known for its weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and strong flexibility. It resists scratches, prevents paint oxidation, and reduces damage from small stones or debris while driving.
Laser Sample Showcase - Tumbler Material
Explore the art of tumbler customization with GCC LaserPro S400 engraver. Discover how to achieve high-quality laser engraving on various materials, adding value to products for unique preferences.
Optimum PCB Prototype Maker
Effective and efficient PCB prototyping process: you will be able to conduct PCB testing within half an hour of layout modification and thus waste no time waiting for deliveries from PCB manufacturers.
GCC JF-2418UV Application Lab Introduces You to the Ceramic Plate Printing
Inkjet printers require a certain distance between the inkjet print head and the substrate to create desired print quality.
GCC --- JF 2418UV UV DTF Printing Application
UV DTF printing by JF-2418UV allows you to directly transfer the printed image to substrates without the limitation of the thickness and uneven surface.
GCC JF-2418UV - DTF on Mug, Tumbler and Metal Box
GCC JF-2418UV application laboratory particularly introduced the DTF application with GCC specially-developed embossed printing process on mug, tumbler and metal box to you.
DTF Transfer to Glass and Ceramic Creamer Pot Applications
This month, the GCC JF-2418UV application laboratory specially introduces the technical application of DTF (Direct-to-Film) on glass and ceramic creamer pot.
Paint Protection Film Application
Paint protection film (PPF) is a self healing film that provides the benefits of weather, scratch and UV resistance, high flexibility and anti-yellowing.
PA Material product
PA Material product portfolio includes the access card, key fob, magnet hook for training center and NFC related application.
Custom Label Cutting Application
GCC cutting plotter is the best tool to create custom labels.
AFR-24S Back Creasing Showcase
In addition, AFR-24S series combines driver of various color setting parameter that allows user to set multiple parameters with different color lines to provide maximized convenience for operation parameter setting.